GREEN BY ADELINE® established in 2007, it’s a first firm use 100% nature material makes Eco-fashion in United States of American.  Also, it’s a first of designer bring Eco- fashion into Runway of globally.  Company started with women collection. Thereafter, develop without any chemical dye of 100% nature material with nature color the children collection and nature material with Solution Dyed collection (DBA Baby Green).  Base on bamboo special function of Anti-bacterial and UV Protection click here for Eco-fabric increase additional under garment line (DBA Green Forest), such as underclothing, socks, and bathroom of raiment…click here for USA Information, Green Forest line was into USA of Walgreens branch.

Against the backdrop of continual societal development and scientific breakthroughs, today’s advanced technologies have simultaneously brought forth a multitude of adverse phenomena, all inflicting tremendous harm upon Earth!  With ensuing frequent natural hazards, people begin to realize their bounden duty of protecting the environment.

GREEN BY ADELINE® mission and social responsibility:  All the products avoid any chemical dye for save resource such as water, electricity, coal… it also could avoid traditional dye processing of the pollution, ultimate to protecting the environment! In line with popularize awareness and healthy wear, GREEN BY ADELINE® develop Anti-bacterial bamboo underclothing line, from new born baby to centenarian, design different styles according to age and gender has different line.  Also, we have special service of customer design for special body shape. In meanwhile, GREEN BY ADELINE® hope bamboo the function can develop the other industry as hospital for Anti-Bacterial products, such as patients cloth, bed sheet…

GREEN BY ADELINE® sincerely invites passion for environment and socially responsible people together with us contribution to environmental protection industry as much as we can click here for form A or B

...Fashion with a conscience®...


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